Prem's tickets, low prices, non-exchangeable and non-refundable

Prem's tickets are all of the low prices that are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, available 90 days before the train's departure, subject to seating availability, to specific destinations and on specific trains.

On 100% Prem’s TGVs, all tickets are offered at Prem's prices at the times when you need them the most (on weekends with late departure on Fridays and Sundays, school holidays with departures staggered throughout the day).

Don't miss out on special offers, low prices at particular times, as well as last minute Prem's exclusively on the Internet.

Tips for making the most of this ticket

  • Plan your journeys in advance to find more Prem's tickets.
  • Put back your journey time by taking less popular trains, or taking later trains on Friday and Sunday evenings (100% Prem's weekend TGVs).
  • Log on to the Internet to find last minute Prem's.