Booking your ticket has been made easier: everything has been thought of to make preparing your trip as easy as possible.

What are the benefits of the e-ticket service?

Save time to withdraw your e ticket

You no longer have to go anywhere to collect your ticket/ You don’t have to go anywhere to withdraw your ticket.

When booking your trip, select the e-ticket service and you will receive a personal e-ticket confirmation by mail, with all your journeys’ details.

No risk to loose your e ticket

Then you just have to print your e ticket confirmation when you need it. There is no risk anymore to forget or loose your ticket as you can print it as much as you want up to the train departure.

No need to valid your e ticket at the punching machine:

You can have access on board with your e ticket and the train manager will retrieve all your references with his pDA with scanning the 2D bar code on your e ticket confirmation.

After sales are simpler

How can I exchange my e ticket ?

Before departure:
You can make an exchange through the initial point of sales or by all SNCF distribution channels in France (stations, shops, Ligne Directe call center) and in Luxembourg (depending on the conditions of the fares).

After departure:
E ticket are non exchangeable except for certains fares after departure as (Normal fares, pro fares, flexi fares....) which can be exchanged :

  • By Ligne directe 00 892 35 35 35 during 30 mn after departure for the same day and same route
  • In the station of departure within 2 hours after departure (in France or in Luxembourg)

How can I get a refund of my e ticket ?

How can I get a refund of my e ticket ?

Before departure:
Cancellation can be made by the orginal point of sale or by SNCF distributions channels (stations, LD call center, web site, shops…)

Refund can only be made by the original point of sale

  • on the Internet :
  • by telephone, by calling 0033 892 35 35 36 (€0.34 per minute, taxes included, any additional according to operators),
  • in stations and SNCF shops and travel agencies agreed by SNCF and Rail Europepoint of sales.

After departure
No cancellation and no refund are possible for e ticket except for certains fares that can be refundable in the station of departure within 2H after train departure

Note: For e ticket bought by Travel Agencies or Rail Europe , cancellation can be made in the train departure station within 2H after departure and the refund has to be made by the initial point of sale.

How can I buy Eticket

The e-ticket service is available most SNCF routes and find. Find out more information at your regular sales outlets or at